Barely used Inplant Office Models - Available Exclusively Online

Our Prefab Design has Flexibility for Changing Requirements

Inplant Office

Inplant Office

12 x 12 standard inplant office model with 5 optional windows.

Welcome to the National Partitions discount store, featuring barely used, but considered OTN (other than new) inplant office kits designed for fast assembly and years of maintenance free use. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised with the quality of this economical offering.

IMPORTANT PRODUCT COMPARISONS: 1. Heavy Duty Steel Doors not flimsy wood - Our doors are pre-hung in the wall panel and are only heavy duty industrial grade steel. 2. Galvanized Steel Components - Our components are corrosion resistant for durability. 3. 5/8" type X gypsum - Our inplant offices have nearly three (3) times the fire resistance and much better sound deadening than our rivals. 4. 3" thick walls vs 1.75" - Thicker modular walls for superior insulation and strength. 5. Universal Non-Progressive Modular Components - Our prefabricated systems are designed for maximum flexibility by making components interchangeable and not specialized. 6. Steel electrical conduit - We don't use bare wires in our connecting electrical posts and we don't use cheap connectors for our modular wiring. 7. Color matched building components - We don't have ugly aluminum zebra striped walls. 8. Presized components - All modular wall components are pre-sized and cut to length. 9. 10 year Guarantee - as with all of our interior products. Guarantee excludes cosmetic imperfections.

NOTE: This product shall be considered OTN (other than new). The product may be slightly used, refurbished, overruns, or have minor blemishes. Some new components may be provided to complete your order. All products will be clean and packaged according to our industry leading standards. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised with the quality of this economical offering.

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Note: Exclusive Online Pricing is dynamic and subject to change without notice

Each Inplant Office Model Includes:

3" thick walls, 22ga steel roof deck, acoustical drop ceiling, 1-3'x7' steel door w/window, standard electrical package: 2'x4' light fixture(s) w/switch, duplex outlets (1 per 12' of wall per code), 1-four circuit breaker panel. Wiring, bulbs and ceiling conduit not included. Windows, modular electrical wiring, freight and assembly are optional. Lead time 5-10 business days est. after design approval. Add 5 business days to units with steel wall surface.

Power to the office and breaker panel hook-up is not included. Please contact us for details.

Used Inplant Modular Office Model Specifications:

Used inplant offices include everything needed for a basic modular inplant office. Pre-sized and cut to length wall components. Easy step-by-step installation manual and drawings. Sizes shown are nominal dimensions. 3-wall units include one long wall and two short walls. 2-wall units include one long wall and one short wall. All models are for industrial interior use only. Assembly is by others. See below for more details.

1. Walls (included in model)
1.1 Wall Panels: fully prefabricated insulated panels, 3" thick, nominal 4 foot wide (or 2 foot as required), 100% interchangeable. Panels are solid or 4' fixed window type (at no additional charge) 1.2 Connecting Posts: 2 piece galvanized steel, non-progressive design, painted to match walls. 1.3 Channels: 20 gage galvanized steel, painted to match walls. Pre-Sized and Cut to length for easy assembly.

2. Roof and Ceiling (included in model)
2.1 Roof Deck: 22 gage steel B-deck, 7 psf "no-load" design. 2.2 Acoustical Ceiling: Lay-in type, white, 2 x 4-ft. grid and mineral tiles.

3. Electrical Options
3.1 Electrical kit: lights 2x4 lay-in type T-8 fixtures, less bulbs, light switch, duplex outlets, Breaker panel 4 circuits. 3.2 Wirepak Modular Wiring Kit: a heavy duty industrial electrical wiring systems that is easily installed by a snap and lock assembly. The system provides wiring for the lights and outlets. It terminates at a convenient location within the modular room with 6'-12' wire pigtail (from the last electrical item) ready for a licensed electrician to hook-up to the breaker panel.

4. Panel Options
4.1 Door: Pre-Hung Heavy duty 20 gage galvanized 3x7 steel door and 16 gage frame, and lever lockset. 4.2 Windows: 4x4 nominal size, with tempered safety glass.

Wall Construction Options:
LEEDwall: Both sides: durable vinyl faced 5/8" fire rated gypsum. ToughWall - Sound deadening STC 35: Outside: 26 gage steel faced 5/8" fire rated gypsum & Inside: vinyl faced 5/8" fire rated gypsum. Glass upgrade to STC35 type. RuggedWall - Sound deadening STC 35: Both sides: 26 gage steel faced 5/8" fire rated gypsum. Sound deadening STC 35. Glass upgrade to STC35 type. CleanWall: Both sides: 26 gage steel, galvanized, baked on acrylic enamel finish.